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And we are off..

As you can see from huge void between here and my first post back in 2009, this blog never really took off.┬áIn 2013, I’m trying to get into better habits.

In September, I embarked upon a “Learning, Technology and Research” degree with Anglia Ruskin University. It’s a distance learning degree focused upon my daily work as an ICT Development Leader in a large primary school. The course is entirely online, with lectures and collaboration with fellow students taking place across social media, and the university VLE.

I’ll be using this blog to share and reflect on some of my work as I progress through the course.

Hopefully “2016 Alistair” will be able to don his graduation cap and scroll back numerous thoughtful pages to look back fondly at this post, which represents his first nervous steps into this unfamiliar territory. See you on the other side.